Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's midterm time.

So my grades are as follows:
B (that professor claimed she gave us all a B at midterms because she didn't agree with giving out grades at this point, haha.)
UE ("Unable to evaluate" - this is what they give you when your midterm exam doesn't happen before the deadline which professors are required to submit midterm standing by - but I got a 100 on the first half of our midterm after the fact. Still waiting on the grade from the second, take-home half of that midterm exam.)

So, I guess that means I am pleased. I also found out I got an A- on the midterm exam for one of the classes I had an A in before actually taking the midterm, haha.

Halloween was fantastic - King Khan and BBQ at the Bell House, and then the Vice Magazine party at some warehouse in Brooklyn. We RSVPed but ended up sneaking in thanks to the kind heart of a security guard who happened to be posted next to a door we just so happened to be standing next to. Or, and Andy says, "I'm lucky". He might be, because I'm certainly not....

I am finally making new friends and having a good time going out and experiencing new things in the city, which makes me happy. This is mostly a result of drinking alcohol again. (haha...)

HOWEVER: I will state that I am very ready to come home for winter break from Dec 22nd- Jan 1st. I miss Minneapolis.

I hope all is well with my Minneapolis friends and my friends elsewhere in the country (especially Donny, as I know he is going through some rough times right now.)